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A trusted supplier of pharmaceutical solutions

SEQENS provides a wide customer base with a diverse portfolio of APIs accross a large variety of therapeutic indications and dosage form applications



SEQENS offers a full range of proprietary
intermediates (non-regulated, RSM and GMP)
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Catalog polymers

Seqens offers catalog products for drug delivery to improve bioavailablity of existing APIs and materials for medical devices

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Seqens makes available a wide range of high purity products that respond in full to the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Our integrated offer

Analyticals solutions

SEQENS provides standalone GMP testing services on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and excipients

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What makes us sustainable

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Corporate Social Responsibility can be defined as the integration by companies of social and environmental concerns in their activities and their relations with stakeholders.

As a global player in pharmaceutical solutions and specialty ingredients, SEQENS is committed to making corporate social responsibility a priority.

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