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Custom GMP Polymers

Custom Polymers

Your global partner for the manufacturing of synthetic polymers

A polymer is any chemical or natural compound obtained by polymerization, a chemical reaction designed to link monomers in order to obtain a macromolecule.

Polymers have multiple pharmaceutical applications in several dosage forms thanks to their chemical and physical properties

  • Targeted Drug Delivery, Immediate and Controlled release
  • RNA encapsulation
  • Film coatings, Solubilizers, Binders, Viscosity modifiers, Microencapsulation, Thickeners, Stabilizers, Permeation enhancer
  • Polymers are also perfectly suitable materials used to design high-performance medical devices
To support its customers, Seqens offers a large range of capabilities for custom Drug Delivery excipients, materials for medical devices, 3D printing…​
Our custom development and manufacturing offer

A wide range of applications

  • Vaccine formulation
  • Solubility / Bioavailability enhancer
  • Biodegradable Polymers for controlled release
  • APIs encapsulation

BOSTON’LAB: Small Molecules & Polymers

  • 1 500 M2 lab-floor
  • 5 kilo labs
  • 1 pilot plant
  • 30 scientists with > 50% PHD
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ARAMON’LAB: Drug Delivery Polymers

  • Polymers dedicated R&D team
  • 2 kilo-lab suites (1 for melt polymerization)
  • 7 scientists with > 50% PHD
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SEQENS’LAB: Small Molecules & Polymers

  • 4 kilo-labs
  • 2 cGMP pilot plants with 11 multipurpose reactors (total capacity of 12 m2)
  • 110 Scientists with > 50% PHD)
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A unique offer based on 3 expert R&D centers for drug delivery polymers

Key Successes

Seqens R&D and manufacturing teams have successfully completed countless cGMP medical-grade polymer synthesis projects, developing a strong expertise in leading projects from laboratory scale to GMP commercial supply scale, in the following domains

  • Drug delivery technologies
  • Excipients
  • Medical devices
  • Medical-grade coatings
  • Therapeutics

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