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Potent API & Intermediates

Potent API
Seqens capabilities for Potent APIs and intermediates development and manufacturing

Seqens is a partner of choice for more than 700 customers around the world providing the ability to handle Oncology and Highly Potent APIs with OEB 4&5 (1µg/m3) capabilities.

We provide multi-purpose and flexible GMP environment  from clinical to commercial production with scales from 100g batches to 40 metric ton raw materials (including OEB4).

At SEQENS, we manufacture high potent intermediates and APIs, within OEB4 and OEB5 classification, from lab-scale to full commercial scale

We manufacture highly potents compounds in several plants 

  • Villeneuve-la-Garenne, 2 production lines
  • Aramon, 1 production line
  • Limay, 1 production line

Our current highly potent capabilities allow us to manufacture up to 20T/year


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